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Terms of Service

Last updated: 20/09/22
This website is published and operated by the company GOLIATH ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION S.A., registered with the number RUC 155664212-2-2018 DV, whose registered office is located at TRUMP OCEAN CLUB international tower Calle Punta Colon, Punta Pacifica 0833-00321 Panama city Panama.
The present conditions contains:
  • the "Product Terms" applicable to any order of Non Fungible Token (NFT) digital art on the Site (the "NFT" or the "Product").
  • the "Terms and Conditions", which are the general terms and conditions applicable to any transaction involving the Product on the Site.
Non-compliance with these General Conditions and the Conditions relative to the Product may be sanctioned by the suspension of the user's rights of access and use of the Site, immediately and without prior notice, without PHYSITAL's responsibility being engaged in this regard and without affecting its legal rights and obligations.
PHYSITAL reserves the right to update, modify, suspend or delete all or part of the Site and/or its content at any time and without prior notice, without being held liable in this regard.