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Other Parties

We offer parts of our Service through websites, platforms, and services operated or controlled by other parties. In addition, we integrate technologies operated or controlled by other parties into parts of our Service. Some examples include:
  • Host: The Website is hosted by Netlify. Adress: 610 22nd Street, Suite 315 CA 94107 San Francisco - USA / Phone: +1 844-899-7312 / Email: [email protected] / Website:
  • Hypertext links: The Site may contain hypertext links giving access to other websites published and managed by third parties and not by the Publisher. The Publisher cannot be held responsible directly or indirectly in the event that said third-party sites do not comply with legal provisions.
  • Brand Pages and Messaging: We may offer our content through social media. Any information you provide to us when you engage with our content (such as through our brand pages or our Discord server) is treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Also, if you publicly reference our Service on social media (e.g., by using a hashtag associated with PHYSITAL in a tweet or post), we may use your reference on or in connection with our Service.
Please note that when you interact with other parties, including when you leave our Service, those parties may independently collect information about you and solicit information from you. The information collected and stored by those parties remains subject to their own policies and practices, including what information they share with us, your rights and choices on their services and devices, and whether they store information in the U.S. or elsewhere. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with and consult their privacy policies and terms of use.